2020 Update

So far, 2020 has been a great year for this alopecian, and I hope you’re having one too! Here are a few things, past, present, and future, happening in my world this year.

Making a Change!

On January 23rd, Congressman Bill Sherman, our local representative, announced he would be co-sponsoring H.R.3332, a bill that would allow wigs to be considered “durable medical equipment” and be covered by Medicare. It’s a huge step forward for the bill and on our path to free wigs!

Reaching for the stars at JHU!

I’m currently funding my own way to JHU CTY, a residential program featuring a semester of intense astrophysics crammed into three weeks. At the time of writing, I’ve raised $1,535, so we’re almost there! JHU CTY is going to be the experience of a lifetime.

For the Win!

This past weekend saw the Coastal Championships, a Southern California swim meet I swam in. Even though I didn’t qualify for finals in any of my events, I won first in my heat in the 50 breaststroke, one of my strengths! In all, I swam a 100 breaststroke, 50 breaststroke, a 50 breaststroke in a 200 medley relay, and a 50 freestyle in a 200 free relay. It was the largest meet I’ve ever been to, and I earned it!

Keep it Going!

You can have an awesome 2020 too! Just keep doing what you love, hitting your goals, and staying cool with who you are.

By Peyton H.

I’m completely bald and the proud owner of a blog called Peytonpecia is all about helping kids with alopecia areata feel comfortable with themselves.

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