The Peyton Behind the Pecia

Hello, my name is Peyton. I was diagnosed with alopecia when I was 8. We grew it back with Rogaine, and figured it was all over. But then, when I was 9, it started again, growing in size from a tiny bald spot to just some wispy bits on the top of my head. My alopecia was startling to me at first, and I didn’t feel very comfortable with my new look, so we bought a wig to hide it. My friends knew about my alopecia, but had never seen me bald before. After two months of wearing a scratchy, hot wig, I decided it needed to come off. On the day of the big reveal, football player Ryan Shazier, who also has alopecia, and I got up on stage for a Q & A to educate my school about the condition.

I know that millions of kids my age are going through the same troubles as I did. I’m 12 now, and I know that being bald can be hard, so I want to make that easier on you. That is peytonpecia’s mission — for as many bald kids as possible to feel comfortable with alopecia areata.