My Story

Hello, my name is Peyton. I was diagnosed with alopecia when I was 8. We grew it back with Rogaine, and figured it was all over. But then, when I was 9, it started again, growing in size from a tiny bald spot to just some wispy bits on the top of my head. My alopecia was startling to me at first, so we bought a wig to hide it. My friends loved my new “hairstyle” and never knew a thing. Then I realized I loved baldness, and I was done with the wig. On the day of the big reveal, football player Ryan Shazier, who also has alopecia, and I did a Q & A to educate my school about the disease.

Our little show was a hit, and the lower grades envied me from then on. But squealing second-graders aside, we want you to feel good with alopecia too. Being bald can be hard, and we want to make that easier on you. That is peytonpecia’s mission– for as many bald kids as possible to feel comfortable with alopecia areata.