Happy Earth Day!

Hello! Since today is Earth Day, I wanted to celebrate with a graphic I made.

These kinds of idle projects are how I keep my graphic design skills fresh and learn new things I can do with Gravit!

Learn more about Earth Day at


My First Alopecia Comic!

Today, I finished my first stick comic about alopecia. It took about 6 days of work, spread out over 2 weeks (I have better things to do than draw!). Here it is:

The size is so that you can print it on an 8.5″ by 11″ sheet of paper. I’m hoping to draw more down the line!


Major UI Overhaul: What’s New

Many-time visitors to this site may notice that some serious UI work has been done (by me). If you’re viewing this right now, you’ve already figured out how the buttons work. Here’s what’s new:


The logo I had originally and the one before that were all found on the Internet, and I’ve decided to make something myself. As with the past two, yes, it’s a turtle.

Decorative Pictures/Buttons

The decorative pictures shown are my own, some inspired by my own page-margin scribbles. Click the Read More buttons to read the articles.

Slight Color Change and Menu Remapping

While it’s not too important, updates have been made to the website’s color scheme and the way different links are laid out within menus.

Hopefully, these features aren’t too hard to use. Go ahead and give me some feedback on improvements!

Edit: I’ve added a background picture (also done by me) and am experiencing issues with buttons reloading the homepage. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m working as I type to fix this!

Edit 2: I’ve made some changes to the header fonts, i.e. Proxima Nova to Exo 2.

Edit 3: The buttons have been removed and the text now links directly to my 3 most recent posts and About page.

Edit 4: Somehow, everything’s fixed. Enjoy the working buttons.