Oh No, My Hair is Back!

If your hair suddenly grows back, you’ll need to be prepared.

Okay, let’s face it. If you have alopecia, you are probably scared about what will happen if your hair grows back. I certainly am! These are some helpful tips in case your hair does grow back.Shave it!

If you suddenly grow back hair, you most likely will have little tufts here and there, because it won’t grow out in even stubble.This means you will have to shave it until it grows the way you want it. Following the guidelines of picking out a razor, find one that fits you. Then, at home, wet the razor and gently slide it across your head where the hair is. If you get nicked, press a tissue to it until it stops bleeding. Make sure that your head is clean before shaving, otherwise the gunk will get in your razor.

Dress it up!

When faced with irregular hair, you may want to conceal it completely. For help in finding a wig, try another one of my blog posts, To have or not to have: Picking out a quality wig. These wigs are great for concealing all stages of hair loss, whether you are in the middle of losing your hair or have already lost all of it. While they are great, some may decided against it. I started out with a wig, but now I am coming up on the day I went the entire day without my wig. From then on, I did not wear the wig. These hairpieces are great options for hiding baldness or irregular growth patterns.

Get a hat!

Of course, the most sensible option. Get a comfortable hat that fits your size, style, and daily needs. For example, if you live in a cold climate, you may want some cute beanies. If you live in a sunny place, stock up on wide-brimmed hats to keep the sun off your face. Speaking of which, it is very important to cover your head on bright sunny days, whether warm or cold. I myself wore beanies while I was out from the time I started losing hair for good to the time when I got my wig. This way, your head can stay covered while your baldness can stay covered.

By Peyton H.

I’m completely bald and the proud owner of a blog called Peytonpecia is all about helping kids with alopecia areata feel comfortable with themselves.

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