Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sometimes, you just have to express.

This poem is from a time when I was rapidly losing my eyelashes and felt very sad. As you can guess from the first stanza, I had only fourteen. I counted them every day as the number slowly wound down to zero. This was a tough emotional time for me and I was glad when it was over. As the poem winds down, you can see how I realize the benefits of alopecia and end on a happy note.

I think that with the right mindset, alopecia won’t bother you in the least.


 A Compilation of Haikus Concerning Alopecia Areata

Fourteen eyelashes

I feel sad about my loss

I wish I had more


No hair on my head

Alopecia is bad

No good medicine


Friday reveals my

Big secret, I take my wig

Off on this half-day


I hope I can grow

Back my hair, kids get confused

Is it the wig or hair?


I sometimes wish I

Could go back in time to warn

My mom about this


I wonder why God

Gave me this condition, as

I don’t like it much


But I can do a

Lot of things, like draw turtles

With pen on my scalp.


I have a wig, but

I get hot in it, so I

Don’t wear it too much


It’s cool to see our

Differences and compare them

See diversity


If you could have this,

What approach would you take, or

Would you accept it?

By Peyton H.

I’m completely bald and the proud owner of a blog called Peytonpecia is all about helping kids with alopecia areata feel comfortable with themselves.

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