Alopecia Spotlight: Leah Hayes

Recently, another huge milestone for alopecia youth has come to NAAF in the form of Leah Hayes, who won Sports Kid Of The Year (SKOTY) at Sports Illustrated Kids. The award goes to kids who have shown exceptional sports talent. In Leah’s case, she is an outstanding swimmer. That really surprised me–I know her, and I know that she swims, but I didn’t know that she often laps her opponents in the best heat! While Leah is a much better competitive swimmer than I am, and she’s much older than me, we do have similarities pointing to our alopecia. Both of us love swimming, especially when we don’t need swim caps. The whole purpose of a swim cap is to squish people’s hair in so they are more aerodynamic, but with no hair at all, both of us are faster without a swim cap! When she swims, she is usually faster than everyone, even though she is always in the best heat. That excellence is exactly why she wants to go to the Olympics.

When she swims, she is usually faster than everyone, even though she is always in the best heat.

I think it’s safe to say that this was one good move for SIK.

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If you need a good foundation for block coding and/or want to join Programmers Coding Baldly, this is the website for you. Subscribe to Sprocket today!

Sprocket actually made a typo–the URL is



Scratch, is a computer coding website created by MIT, is great for all levels of block coders. It is fun and easy to do. On scratch there are easy tutorials and on youtube.  There are various types of games, from catch games, to mazes. If you are interested in block coding I would recommend this website. This is the link for Scratch.

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Programmers Coding Baldly

Hello! I’ve decided to create an alopecia community based on coding in Scratch, the block-coding programming language that has been a hit for anyone who likes to code. It’s called Programmers Coding Baldly, and I’ll be partnering up with Sprocket, run by my friend and colleague Ella, to bring STEM and coding to the world of alopecia. Scratch is a website where you use colored blocks to form code, which you can then run and share to the world. With Scratch, alopecians can get a new kind of courage–one that comes from the knowledge that they don’t have to be Bill Gates or Elon Musk to create something special. My Scratch account is Staria07, and you should definitely check it out. Anyway, I hope you liked this post. Make sure to join Programmers Coding Baldly and check out Sprocket!

One Year Anniversary

Coming up soon (December 4th, mark your calendars) I’m going to be selling $0.50 alopecia pins to celebrate. It might be trivial, but everything is going to the NAAF or National Alopecia Areata Foundation. Only a little will help!

Alopecian President? Oh yes!

I am running for Student Council President this year. I think it’s a breakthrough, because I may be the first alopecian girl to run for President. This is great especially since I have an edge: Even if they don’t remember the name, they’ll remember the baldness.

My motto is Hemann Makes It Happen, because I plan to do lots of things past presidents have said they would do, but none have ever done it. The post has been short, but sweet. Here is my speech:

Presidential Speech

Some of you know me, Peyton Hemann. Last time I did this kind of thing, it was a pretty big occasion–One Friday in 4th grade, I took off my wig, conducting a Q&A with Steelers NFL player Ryan Shazier to teach students about alopecia, the disease that made me bald. Well, here I am again, this time with a big goal in mind, and I’m asking YOU to vote for me for President of the Student Council. Every year, we have the same old things in the student store. Pencils, pens, erasers, pencil cases. Well, I’m making that better. Here’s to new items, better items, and more fun items. For example, I would put in ”keychain games”, little games that can go anywhere with you. They are fully functional and fun. In addition, I’d introduce new clubs–the Leadership Club, empowering kids to become strong leaders, and the Community Service Club, cleaning up our community one step at a time. Another cool idea is to let students play Minecraft Education Mode in Technology, an amazing learning (and fun) tool that is safe and helps the teaching process. When it comes to qualities, I am productive, trying to get things on my agenda done very quickly, keep my colleagues on track and on schedule, and listen to your opinions and ideas. I would post an Idea Box, so anyone can come up with an idea and drop it there. I’d be open to anything. Robotics club, Unicorn club, Fortnite club, you name it, the sky’s the limit! If you want cool items, exciting clubs, and a president who listens to your ideas, just remember to vote for me, Peyton, because Hemann Makes It Happen!

Thoughts About peytonpecia

I haven’t been posting on this blog for a long while–almost a month– and I know you’re wondering why. However, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I’m still just an 11-year-old student operating a business from my living room. In addition to this website, I also have to juggle schoolwork, piano, and competitive swimming. I try to post, but things don’t always turn out. Please forgive me for my lack of posts, and I will try to come back.

Sincerely, Peyton