You guys, I’ve almost done it. I’ve got one week until graduating middle school, and next year I’ll be at a new high school! That’s right, I went through admissions for the second time, and I got accepted to two different school, including one I’d applied for in sixth grade. Like so many of you graduating this year, I’ll be the new kid at my new high school, and I’ll have a clean slate to form new relationships and educate my classmates on alopecia!

I know a lot of you are wondering about how you’ll be received at your new school, and to be honest, I am too. I was fortunate enough for my current school to accept me easily and go on as if I hadn’t lost my hair at all; however, I know some of you guys haven’t had that experience, so I have a tidbit of advice for you guys on how to make the transition as easy as possible!

Here it is: if you’re strong and confident and show that at your new school, your classmates will believe you! The first person you need to convince that you’re just as good as everyone else is you, so if you walk tall and have the courage to put yourself out there, you will feel and be confident.

Always remember that someone’s got your back, as well; we may not all have the same experience, but I guarantee everyone’s got something in common with you, a shared experience, and you can use that to create a bond and help each other.

Finally, don’t be afraid to go up to someone new and say hi! The great thing about going to a new school at the start of a school year is that there’s a ton of other new kids, too. They might even be easier to make friends with, since they’re all in the same boat as you! You’ve got this. I’ll keep all of you updated on how things play out in the fall, and I hope to make another post just like this with all the stuff I’ll learn myself!

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So proud of you, Peyton, and excited for your new adventures at Flintridge Prep. They are lucky to have you:)


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