Programmers Coding Baldly

Hello! I’ve decided to create an alopecia community based on coding in Scratch, the block-coding programming language that has been a hit for anyone who likes to code. It’s called Programmers Coding Baldly, and I’ll be partnering up with Sprocket, run by my friend and colleague Ella, to bring STEM and coding to the world of alopecia. Scratch is a website where you use colored blocks to form code, which you can then run and share to the world. With Scratch, alopecians can get a new kind of courage–one that comes from the knowledge that they don’t have to be Bill Gates or Elon Musk to create something special. My Scratch account is Staria07, and you should definitely check it out. Anyway, I hope you liked this post. Make sure to join Programmers Coding Baldly and check out Sprocket!

By Peyton H.

I’m completely bald and the proud owner of a blog called Peytonpecia is all about helping kids with alopecia areata feel comfortable with themselves.

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