Sporty Sweat-Proof Style

No matter how athletic you are, your head will need some TLC.

Most of us want to play sports at some time in our lives, but for alopecians that can be hard to do. Here are some tips to literally get back in the game.1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

Keeping your head safe from the sun is the ultimate tip for any outdoor sport. An SPF 50 “sport” sunscreen is best. Just like skin on the rest of your body, different colors of skin burn differently. Use the rule that fits you best. If this method doesn’t work well for you or your skin type, try this next tip.

2. Hat-ven’t you tried covering it?

Hats and cover-ups are also a good idea. These will protect your head as well as sunscreen. These can have SPF too! My coverup from soccer has UV proof fabric. If you pursue a water sport, consider a rubber swim cap. These keep your head covered outside and keep your goggles in place. Remember, you should always use sunscreen underneath. If you take it off, there needs to be a second line of defense.

3. Headbands for Bald Heads

If you happen to sweat a lot, try a headband. While their purpose is to keep people with hair from getting their hair in their face, they are also a great preventative of sweat in your eyes. A good headband has silicone grips (forgo this if you are allergic) and an elastic material. These are cool ways to show personality, too. A headband is a great sports tool.

4. Mop It Up

Sweat rags are a must if your sports involve a lot of running and sweat. These do exactly what you think—mop up your sweat. Just get a fabric hand towel and wipe your head off with it when you need it. Remember to wash it every now and then, or it’ll smell.

Using all of these important tips can result in a great head and a greater athlete. Thanks for reading!

By Peyton H.

I’m completely bald and the proud owner of a blog called Peytonpecia is all about helping kids with alopecia areata feel comfortable with themselves.

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